Atlantic Blue Cedar (1950s)

Atlantic Blue Cedar (1950s)

This blue atlantic cedar was bought in 2004 from a private collector along with most of his collection. It had always been quite healthy until 2010 when lack of water in the middle of summer set it back. It was then potted into a poly box to regain strength.

In 2012, it had recovered quite well. The decision was made to restyle the tree with the new front. The old front had one large unsightly root across the front nebari. The left side of tree has better nebari and movement in the trunkline.

Before restyling in 2012

New Front

Restyled with the new front

After presenting the tree to Hiro, he suggested :

  1. Move the third back branch more to the right so that it is more visible from the front.
  2. In the next repotting, sit the tree lower in the soil so that the roots are not visible

I specifically asked him about the my uncertainty of how i tried to shape the branches into multiple smaller foliage groups instead of one large pad. well, he seemed to like the branch placement so i guess he agreed.

Here are photos of the tree at the moment.

After rewiring and readjusting the branch positions July 2014. (Front)

Right Side

Left Side


This tree will continue to be refined as i am not 100% happy with the branch structures. i certainly hope to learn and discover more about branch placement in the future so that i can maximize the potential in this tree.