Bonsai Service

Bonsai Service

Thanks to our decades of experience helping Australians find the right bonsai the team at Bonsai Sensation have the expertise to add character and colour to enhance living and working spaces throughout the country.

At Bonsai Sensation we know that bonsai trees require a high degree of care and attention to help them maintain their health, shape, and colour. To ensure that our customers enjoy a complete bonsai experience our highly-trained team proudly offer a number of services to bring out the best in their bonsai including:

General Maintenance

Integral to helping a bonsai maintain its shape our skilled and patient team can conduct pruning, cutting, trimming, wiring, weeding, and pest control to help keep your bonsai in the best condition possible.


Whether you’ve trimmed a little bit too close to the trunk or you have no idea where to go next with your bonsai’s style our knowledgeable and highly-trained bonsai experts can provide you with guidance or direct assistance in the shaping of your tree.


Are you currently time-poor and cannot dedicate the amount of attention your bonsai needs and requires? At Bonsai Sensation we can offer a comprehensive bonsai boarding experience for an agreed amount of time to ensure that it is looked after by our professionals until you are able to resume taking care of it.

Quarantine Restriction in WA, NT, and TA

Due to strict quarantine rules, all trees are not available to be purchased or sent to Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmania.

NOTE: “All bonsai trees are outdoor plants. Please ensure that you can provide a bright sunny spot for the tree.”