Mugho Pine Raft Style

Mugho Pine Raft Style

This mugho pine started out as an ordinary nursery stock i bought in 2007. it had nothing done to it other than the occasional feeding and repotting from 8″ pot to 10″ few years ago.

It was presented to Hiro this year(2014) as a possible candidate for the Sunday demonstration, however he liked it as a workshop tree. back at the nursery, we decided that something should be done with it anyway. so it was given to the nursery staff for styling. the initial plan was to make a wind-swept style to the right, but in the end the decision was to make it a raft.

I like raft better than wind-swept in this instance because it used more of what the tree had to offer and i think it turned out ok. it will now be allowed to recover and fed to regain its vigour. since mugho pines are more temperamental, repotting will happen when the tree showed positive signs of good growth, most likely next season.

An idea of what it will look like once potted up

After wiring it into raft style