Seed Grown Japanese White Pine(1994)

Seed Grown Japanese White Pine(1994)

This japanese white pine was grown from seed in 1994. it now measures just under 30cm. they are extremely hard to grow from seed because once they are germinated into a little sapling, they will tend to stay like that for the next 7 years or so before they begin to grow. and many of them will not make it through that first 7 years.

Its trunkline and movement was wired in the tenth year or so to set the future direction. after taking it to see Hirotoshi Saitoh to decide its styling last week(2/7/2014), it was recommended by him to use this side as the front( there were two other possibilities, sorry no before photos).

There are 3-4 branches that might eventually come off but they are kept for the moment to contribute to the overall growth and health of the tree.

After styling